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CDB Database Comparator 3.1 is the powerful easy-to-use ODBC based tool for comparison and synchronization of heterogeneous databases and is used by thousands DBAs, developers and testers over the world. CDB Database Comparator 3.1 has earned this position owing to its high performance and simple intuitive user interface in combination with wide functionality and rich features spectrum. CDB Database Comparator 3.1 is for use in a development environment when changes made to a local database need to be pushed to a live database on a remote server. Traditionally, this is very hard and long work which forces to trawl through database schemas or to search through data tables and then to generate manually the required migration scripts etc. CDB Database Comparator 3.1 will automate this process for you. It will compare and synchronize all database objects, including tables, indexes, primary keys and views, and stored data. CDB Database Comparator 3.1 is designed for database administrators, database developers, for all those who do need to support bunch of databases.CDB Database Comparator 3.1 will not only save your time and money but also makes sure that you are not missing anything and will not get into serious problems which might be caused by differences in database structure or stored data.

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